Have Customers Calling You from Your Blog Posts and Pages

Turn your telephone numbers into links that start a call when tapped or clicked.

Click Here to Download the Click ‘n Tap Plug-in

Version: 1.5
Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1
Last Updated: 2015-01-23

Click 'n Tap WordPress Plug-inImagine how many more calls you would get if your customers and prospects could call or text you by just tapping a telephone number on their smartphone (or clicking a link on the computer screen).

Dozens? Hundreds? Who knows but you can bet that you’d get more than you do now.

The sole purpose of Click ‘n Tap is to make it easy for you to turn telephone numbers in your WordPress blog posts and pages into links that someone can tap/click to initiate a telephone call, send an SMS message, make a Skype call, or start a FaceTime session.

Due to the differences between smartphones and other devices like tablets and desktop computers, some things that are possible on one device may not be available, or even possible, on another device.

An obvious example is that all smartphones can natively make telephone calls – they are telephones after all – but desktop computers require specialized software like Skype or its competitors to do the same thing.

So making all telephone numbers “make a call” links will potentially frustrate your viewers if they aren’t using a smartphone at the time.

Also, some things like Apple FaceTime only work on Apple products and not on other products.

That is where Click ‘n Tap comes in.

The software uses intelligence to look at what type of device the visitor is using to view the page and, if someone views the page on a smartphone, it will show one type of link, for example, to let them tap to make a telephone call but on a desktop it could show a link to start a Skype call or just be plain text and not clickable.

There are 2 different ways to install Click ‘n Tap.

Uploading via the WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select ClickNTap.zip from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard list

Using FTP

  • Download wisSW_ClickNTap.zip
  • Extract the wisSW_ClickNTap directory to your computer
  • Upload the wisSW_ClickNTap directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory (or where ever your plug-in directory is)
  • Activate the plug-in in the Plugin dashboard list
Why create links on smartphones?
Modern Smartphones are capable of recognizing “tel:” links as telephone numbers and will place a call to the telephone number when tapped.

This saves your viewer the trouble of writing down the telephone number down and entering it to place a call.

Does this work with Skype?

Skype is an available option if the viewer is not using a smartphone.

Will the plug-in interfere with other plug-ins or widgets?
We cannot guarantee that it won’t because we don’t control what other software does. We will make an attempt to overcome the problem if reported although sometimes we’re unable to.

We do always test and update our plug-ins as new versions of WordPress are released to ensure that it remains compatible with WordPress.

We pride ourselves on being “good citizens” and make every attempt not to conflict with other software or to add excessive speed or security burdens on your site.

Why don’t the SMS links always work?
Truthfully, we have no idea.

Apparently, this is a known problem and doesn’t relate to our plug-in. We insert the correct syntax according to the documentation provided by Apple and other vendors and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

We’ve tried to find workarounds but were unsuccessful so use the SMS feature with caution.

Can an image be made into a link that can be clicked or tapped?

Just highlight the image before you click on the Click ‘n Tap button in the post/page editor and after you’ve put in the settings then you should see the “short codes” around the image and it should be clickable/tapable.

Of course, you’ll still have to put the telephone number in the Click ‘n Tap settings pop up window even if you have it in the image.

Highlighting Text and Opening the Settings Window
Highlighting Text and Opening the Settings Window
Telling Click ‘n Tap What to Do
Telling Click ‘n Tap What to Do
The Telephone Number in the Post/Page
The Telephone Number in the Post/Page
What Visitor Sees on a Smartphone
What Visitor Sees on a Smartphone
What Visitor Sees Not on a Smartphone
What Visitor Sees Not on a Smartphone
Telephone Link in the WordPress Menu on a Smartphone
Telephone Link in the WordPress Menu on a Smartphone
Telephone Number in the WordPress Menu of a Non-Smartphone
Telephone Number in the WordPress Menu of a Non-Smartphone
To deactivate Click ‘n Tap without permanently deleting it

  1. Go to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Find Web inSights’ Click ‘n Tap in the list of plug-ins
  4. Click Deactivate.

Remove Click ‘n Tap Permanently

  1. Deactivate the plugin if you have not done so already.
  2. Find Web inSights’ Click ‘n Tap in the list of plug-ins
  3. Click Delete.
You can contact our support desk at http://WebinSightsllc.com/support

We make every attempt to response within 24 hours but we aren’t a big conglomerate with thousands of employees so please be patient and understanding if you don’t hear back immediately.

26 thoughts on “Click ‘n Tap Plug-in”

  1. This is an awesome plugin. However I am having some issues. I have been searching everywhere how to add a click to text button and this is a perfect solution. I installed the plugin on wordpress site 4.1.1 and having some issues. The plugin works great but when my website is viewed on a mobile device it changes the whole top menu bar and cuts off the top of the website. Without the plugin installed my website has the simple menu bar with the 3 small lines that need to be clicked to view pages. When the click ‘n tap plug-in is installed it actually shows my pages buttons as they are on the desktop view but cuts off the top of the website, Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Sorry to hear about the problem, let’s see if we can get it fixed.

      I’m going to ask you to submit a support ticket at so we can properly track this for you and so if we need to exchange private information it is protected. You can find the link to the support site for the plug-in under the support tab at http://webinsightsllc.com/wordpress-plugins/click-n-tap/.

      However, let’s see if we can do something quickly here.

      The plug-in is pretty simple as it just takes existing text (like a phone number) and turns it into a tappable/clickable link. In general, it doesn’t add anything so it shouldn’t mess up anything.

      But if the theme being used styles links in a manner than is different then it would be possible for some changes in the display to happen. Examples of different styling might be a different font, a different size of font, or making the link bold when the text wasn’t.

      Your situation seems more different though so I’d really like to take a look at your site to see what’s going on because what you see shouldn’t be possible — although it obviously is possible or you wouldn’t be seeing it 🙂 — and it will take some deeper investigation into your specific situation.

      Please submit that support ticket and include the Web site address (URL), what specific mobile device (or devices) that are having problems, and we’ll take a look. Any other information you might have would be helpful, software forensics is like any other then more clues we have the more likely (and more quickly) it is to find what’s causing the problem and get it working for you.

      I will say that it will probably require administrator access to your site so we can she how it set up and watch WordPress generate the Web page so we likely will ask for that.

      Thanks for your you nice comments about the plug-in!

      1. David,

        Thanks for your quick reply. I am going to fill out the support ticket now. Just for your reference even just activating the plugin changes the view on mobile before I add any click to call from the plugin.

        1. Shawn,


          I saw the ticket and reply and we’ll get back to you as soon as we know anything — hopefully with it fixed 🙂

          1. I forgot to come back and update this. Shawn knows but I wanted to put a message for others who might see this.

            There was some theme issue and we put in some workaround code so any theme that had the same issue won’t cause any problems to this plug-in.

  2. Good day!

    I installed this plugin and it worked great! Thanks for this.

    I just got one question though, is it possible to delete the (1234456) besides the text/image on Desktop layout?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Glad you’ve found it useful.

      I believe if you have the telephone link is around some content in the post/page body — maybe “Call Me” or whatever else you want to use — then it won’t display in the telephone number in parenthesis; the “content” can be words or an image or something.

      If that doesn’t work then if you’ll submit a support ticket we’ll see if we can make sure it does work or at least make it optional with a check box or something.

      Thanks again,


      1. Hi David,

        Really love the plugin and am using it on several sites. Just to add to Chris’ comment above, the “Call Me” text displays on mobile just fine. On the desktop, the plugin displays as Call Me! (248-123-4567)

        Maybe a future update might include a way to customize how that phone number appears on desktop (with or without parenthesis). Just my 2¢.

        Thanks again for a great plugin!

        1. Hi Michelle,

          I thought it only puts the parentheses and telephone number when there is no “content” but if Chris and now you are saying different we’ll definitely need to look into it further, I certainly could be remembering wrong.

          Thanks for you feedback and we’ll check it out to and see what we can do.


          1. Just wanted to put an update here.

            The issue that Chris saw and Michelle verified is the way it works.

            It was meant to be a convenience but I believe I made a mistake in that design decision so will be updating the plug-in to make it optional (although the default will be to show it).

            Thanks again to Chris and Michelle for helping to improve the plug-in.


    1. Hi Leah,

      Not sure what you mean but there is a big button at the top of this (white letter on a black background) that you can click to download the plug-in.

      If you mean you can’t find it in the WordPress repository located at https://wordpress.org/plugins/ then you are correct, it isn’t, nor has it ever been, in the WordPress repository.

      I believe there still is an older plug-in that does some of what Click ‘n Tap does although, if it is still there, I don’t think it is supported any more by the creators.

      Let me know if I didn’t understand you properly.


  3. Hi David, is it possible to make images clickable too? Like if an image has the phone number in it and I want to make the image “click to call” is it possible?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Justin,

      It sure is possible

      if you highlight the image before you click on the Click ‘n Tap button in the post/page editor it should put the “short codes” around the image and make it clickable/tapable. Of course, you’ll still have to put the telephone number in the Click ‘n Tap settings pop up window even if you have it in the image.

      I think showing how to make an image clickable/tapable would be a nice addition to the user’s guide so thanks for the suggestion.


      1. Nice tool. However I’m also having some issues with images.. The shortcode is being displayed next to the image. A tutorial would be swell. Thanks.

        1. Hi Patrick,

          That’s weird, not sure how that could happen because WordPress should process the shortcode once it’s on the page or post.

          This isn’t the place for support so if you submit a support ticket we can give it a look. Note: we usually need temporary admin access to your site.

          Screen shots and videos are also very helpful to speeding up the process.

          The Screenshots tab is sort of a mini-tutorial and was taken from the user’s manual included with the product. Any suggestions on improving the user’s manual would be welcome.

          I’ll be looking for your support ticket.


  4. How can you hide the URL part from being visible in the Menu? I only want the navigation Label to be visible in the Menu, not the URL / Custom Link.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Bit late on this, sorry. I’m not sure what you mean could you provide a link or something so I could see what you mean.



    1. Hi,

      I didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting approval.

      It was done as a favor for a friend and I just thought I’d make it more generally available for anyone who might like it,


    1. Hi,

      I suppose that is a possible option but would have to check out the difficulty and also the demand; I will admit that although I’ve been a Skype user since about day 1 I’d not heard of their click-to-call software.

      Is there some type of conflict between the plug-in and Skype’s software that prompted your request?


  5. Hi. I currently have WordPress 4.4.1. I see on your website, your plug-in, Click ‘n Tap, is supported up to 4.1. Do you have any knowledge how your plug-in works with 4.4.1? Are you currently working on the plug-in to make it compatible to 4.4.1?

  6. Hi. I currently have WordPress 4.4.1. I see on your website, your plug-in, Click ‘n Tap, is supported up to 4.1. Do you have any knowledge how your plug-in works with 4.4.1? Are you currently working on the plug-in to make it compatible to 4.4.1?

    1. Hi,

      That’s very interesting. Unfortunately, right now there are no metrics saved but I think it might be possible to listen to the event and do that.

      I’ll keep it in mind for the future.


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